About N2CS Garage

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Kok Kiong spending his days at Twin Ring Motegi getting ready for the Civic Challenge Cup Race

Mr. Wan Kok Kiong, a top VTEC specialist in Singapore.
Also the Founder of N2CS Spirit(Racing Team) and N2CS Garage.

Team N2CS was forged in the heat of competitive motor sports. With massive research and developments. We have designed and perfected race parts for many enthusiasts like us. In this world of innovation, we all need people who dream and people who do things. Without dreamers, there would not be machine concepts of the future. Without people who do things, those visions seen by the dreamers cannot become today’s reality.
At N2CS, we both dare to dream and are eager to do and that has brought us to the pinnacle in motor sports. Our mission is to provide parts and services to all motor sport enthusiasts with the best parts at the right quality, price and time.
Products of Team N2CS, for those people which 1/100 of a second can mean success or failure, for those with the spirit of motor sports.

Tel: (65) 6745 4722
Fax: (65)6744 9901
Email: sales@n2cs.com