Basic Servicing & Maintenance

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It can be dangerous if you don’t do a thorough check on your car occasionally!


Basic Servicing & Maintenance

Full Basic Service Checks

  1. Top up Battery Water
  2. Top up Radiator
  3. Top up Power Steering Fluid
  4. Top up Windscreen Washer
  5. Top up Brake/Clutch Fluid
  6. Top up Manual/Auto Transmission Fluid
  7. Check ATF
  8. Check Windscreen Wiper
  9. Check Aux, Drive Belts
  10. Check Cooling Hoses & Connections
  11. Check Tyre Pressure
  12. Check Lighting System
  13. Check & Clean Air Filter
  14. Check Brake Pads
  15. Check Spark Plugs
  16. Lubricate Battery Terminals
  17. Side Slip Test
  18. Shock Absorber Test
  19. CO Test
  20. Brake Test
  21. Annual Corrosion Inspection

Notice: Prices are listed due to the different classes of engine oil we use.
(Basic Class/Economical Class/First Class)


Package N2CS
(Basic Class)

Full Basic Checks + New Oil Filter +Other Fully Syntactic Engine Oil

Package Shell 
(Economical Class)

Full Basic Checks + New Oil Filter + Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil

Shell Helix

Package Motul
(First Class)

Full Basic Checks + New Oil + Motul 300V Engine Oil




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